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Vision Library+ v1.25.0

Vision Library+ v1.25.0

New Features

Histogram Plus

  • Added possibility to show Percentiles (e.g. show a line with p >= 0.95)

Manual Input Table Plus

  • Now supports sorting Columns by their value, same as Time Series Table Plus

Combo Chart Plus:

  • Added more configuration options for Enumeration Values
  • Added legend support for Enumeration Values
  • Added more configuration options for Event Frames


Bug Fixes

Combo Chart Plus:

  • Fixed a bug that could cause the cursor to be broken when changing the chart type
  • Fixed misaligned labels for event frames and enumeration values
  • Fixed a bug where Combo Chart was not updating data once the user used the zoom function

Combo Chart Plus:

  • Fixed misaligned labels for median value when using certain grid line settings
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