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Vision Library+ v1.40

Vision Library+ v1.40

New Symbols

Waterfall Chart+

  • Track production efficiencies, OOE and more with the new Waterfall Chart. Highly configurable, with full multistate support. See details here.

New Features

All Chart Symbols:

  • We have added multiple transparency and gradient fill modes for all chart symbols that utilize bars and areas.


Combo Chart+:

  • Ability to Show/Hide a trace in summary table


  • Area traces are now transparent by default


  • Multistate for tooltip colors

Navigation Menu+:

  • Entirely new styling options
  • Add Icons, Remove Text, or add a separator
  • Color individual entries, define hover color & more
  • Move Logo to top or bottom


    Bug Fixes

    All Chart Symbols:

    • Grid style with lines are now properly displayed

    AF Table+:

    • Fixed a bug that caused certain cells to remain unresponsive after a faulty input has been made


    • Adding new color ranges now works as expected
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