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Vision Library+ v1.43

Vision Library+ v1.43

New Symbols


  • This symbol is an improved version of the existing Value symbol, but with additional features.
  • Show Tag on Hover: If the user hovers over the current value, it is now possible to display the actual tag, instead of the attributes name.

  • AdHoc Chart: When hovering over a value, the user can click the new ad hoc chart button to create a draggable ad hoc chart window:


Read more about the Value+ symbol in our official product page here.


New Features


  • Symbols now support Open ID Connect authentication

Events Table+

  • Show event description in table
  • Ad hoc chart for event attributes

Navigation Menu+

  • The logo can now be configured as a link
  • If the navigation menu is collapsed, you can interact with symbols beneath
  • Default PI vision symbol tooltip is now hidden
  • Open and close animations
  • Closing the menu now has a different icon (x)


Combo Chart+

  • Now supports future data
  • "No Data" values are now properly ignored and values are not interpolated
  • Additionally to the multistate limits, the "target" attribute can now be displayed as well
  • Additional statistics for analytic chart summary table (start and end value, time and value difference)



  • Ability to hide multistate labels
  • no x axis range mode: auto range

Quick Input+

  • Boolean tags now support switches

AF Table+

  • New option to filter table data by attributes values


    Bug Fixes

    Gantt Chart+

    • Fixed an issue with time zones, that caused events to be displayed incorrectly


    • Fixed dynamic multistate limits
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