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PI Vision 2023 and Vision Library+

PI Vision 2023 and Vision Library+

AVEVA recently announced the launch of PI Vision 2023 (version, an advanced web server-based display editing platform. This contemporary edition delivers precise sizing and positioning of symbols, incorporates support for geometric patterns and graphical elements, and allows for customizable symbol coloration. These enhancements position PI Vision 2023 as a pivotal solution within the realm of data visualization.

A salient attribute of the PI Vision 2023 version is its adoption of modern authentication mechanisms via OpenID Connect, underscoring our commitment to a streamlined and fortified user interface. This seamlessly integrates with AVEVA PI Server 2023, facilitating efficient management of enterprise resources and user interactions. As a noteworthy transition, the feature permitting views of imported PI ProcessBook displays has been deprecated. Users are thus advised to transition their PI ProcessBook views to the intrinsic, modifiable PI Vision displays, utilizing the dedicated PI ProcessBook to PI Vision Migration Toolkit. Read more about why you should move to PI Vision if you are still using Processbook here.

We at Software Athlete, in its unwavering commitment to foster adaptability with all PI Vision iterations, introduced Vision Library+ v1.34. This collection contains 10 symbols or widgets, meticulously crafted to amplify the efficacy of your PI Vision setup, allowing for an enriched data extrapolation experience.

Concurrently compatible with PI Vision 2023 and its novel navigation interface, the imminent mid-August release of Vision Library+ (v1.34) promises a coherent user experience, irrespective of the PI Vision edition in use.

A distinguished enhancement within this update is the unveiling of 2 new symbols: Heatmap+ and PieChart+.

Vision Library+ and PI Vision 2023
The integration of AVEVA PI Vision 2023 and Vision Library+, complemented by Software Athletes' tenacity for cross-version compatibility, provides users with unparalleled data manipulation capabilities. These sophisticated instruments enable users to extract the profound potential of their data, converting it into discernible insights instrumental in propelling organizational objectives.

We invite stakeholders to remain abreast of the evolving landscape of AVEVA PI Vision and Vision Library+. Our dedication lies in consistently presenting state-of-the-art solutions to meet your data visualization and analytical prerequisites. Engage with the zenith of data analysis innovation today.


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