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Combo Charts in AVEVA PI Vision: Powerful Visualizations for Industrial Applications

Combo Charts in AVEVA PI Vision: Powerful Visualizations for Industrial Applications


Unveiling Trends and Outliers in Energy, Mining, and Chemical Industries

The combo chart, a versatile visualization tool in AVEVA PI Vision, combines the strengths of line and bar charts. It enables users to showcase multiple data sets within a single graph, making it ideal for industrial applications in the energy, mining, and chemical sectors.

Combining Strengths, Revealing Insights:

Combo charts excel at displaying:

  • Multiple data sets: Plot various measurements on one graph, revealing relationships and trends.
  • Data with different scales: Compare measures with diverse units of measurement, like production volume (bars) and energy consumption (line).


Applications in Industrial Contexts:

  • Energy Sector:
    • Monitor power generation (line) alongside fuel consumption (bars) to identify efficiency improvements.
    • Track renewable energy sources (bars) like solar and wind against total energy output (line) to visualize energy mix and grid stability.
  • Mining Industry:
    • Analyze ore production (bars) and equipment uptime (line) to assess operational effectiveness and identify maintenance needs.
    • Compare excavation depth (line) with extracted material volume (bars) to optimize mining strategies.
  • Chemical Industry:
    • Visualize reaction temperature (line) and product yield (bars) to monitor and optimize chemical processes.
    • Track raw material inventory (bars) against production rate (line) to ensure efficient resource utilization.


Beyond the Basics: Advanced Features:

AVEVA PI Vision empowers users to create highly customized combo charts, enriching data analysis:

  • Dynamic data handling: Adapt the chart to specific needs by dynamically adding or modifying measures and dimensions.
  • Benchmarking: Introduce a reference bar layer to compare performance against set targets or historical data.
  • Reference lines: Add horizontal or vertical lines to highlight specific values or thresholds, aiding data interpretation.
  • Customization options: Personalize the chart appearance with various color schemes, icons, and symbols to enhance clarity and engagement.



Combo charts in AVEVA PI Vision play a crucial role in industrial data visualization. By combining different data types effectively, they empower engineers, operators, and managers to gain valuable insights, improve decision-making, and optimize industrial processes across energy, mining, and chemical sectors.

Learn more about the Combo Chart here.

Here are some examples of Combo Chart in action:

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