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Vision Library+ v1.36.0

Vision Library+ v1.36.0

New Features

All Symbols

  • PI Point and PI Point Path can now be selected as data label (regardless if the datasource is a PI Point or an AF Attribute)

Combo Chart

  • Event Frames can now be clicked to open event frames detail page
  • Event Frames now have a tooltip that show more information (including annotations) of that event frame
  • AF Attribute or Tag Paths can now be displayed as legend tooltips
  • Legend now shows the currently hovered value instead of the last value
  • Chart can now be exported as a PDF


  • Now supports showing UOM

Time Series Table

  • Hovering over the column headers now shows the data sources entire path

DateTime Picker

  • Added more configuration options

Bug Fixes

Combo Chart

  • Fixed an issue were the last bars of bar charts were not displayed properly
  • Fixed an issue were the last AF Enumeration values were not displayed properly until the end
  • Fixed an issue where Event Frames where not properly loaded when changing the display time

Manual Input Table+

  • Fixed an issue that caused the currently editing row to disappear
  • Fixed an issue with multistate not working when blinking was enabled
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