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Synchronise Navigation Menu across displays

Synchronise Navigation Menu across displays

In this guide, we are going to show you how to configure Navigation Menu+, in order for it to synchronise it's configuration with other displays.


1. Create AF Attribute

First, we need to create an AF Attribute of datatype string (you can pick any name). This attribute is being used as the configuration store for the symbol. Every change in the symbols configuration will be saved to this attribute, and loaded by all other navigation menus that use the same attribute.



2. Create Navigation Menu

Next, we create the actual symbol, by dragging our previously created attribute onto the display, whilst the Navigation Menu symbol is selected.


3. Configure Configuration Store

Finally, we need to set the configuration store for Navigation Menu to 'Datasource'. Right click the navigation menu, and the scroll down to the section "Save Configuration".
Now, the configuration is stored in the attribute, and you can reuse this attribute on any other display, in order to synchronise them.
If you want to create a different menu, simply create another attribute and use this as the configuration.
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