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Leverage Advanced SPC and SQC with Vision Library+ in PI Vision

Leverage Advanced SPC and SQC with Vision Library+ in PI Vision


Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC) are methodologies used to monitor, control, and ensure the quality of manufacturing and production processes through statistical methods. These techniques are essential in identifying unwanted variability in processes, which can lead to improved product quality and reduced production costs. While tools like ProcessBook previously supported these methods with advanced visualization capabilities, its modern successor, PI Vision, initially lacked these features.

The Challenge with PI Vision

As the successor to ProcessBook, PI Vision offers improved visualization and user interface capabilities, making it a fantastic tool for real-time data monitoring. However, it stil lmisses specific functionalities that were crucial for effective SPC and SQC, previously available in Processbook

Bridging the Gap with Combo Chart+

To address this shortfall, we have developed Combo Chart+ for PI Vision. This symbol reintroduces all the missing features from Processbook, in order to use SPC and SQC in your process monitoring.


How to Setup SPC with Combo Chart+


1. Asset Framework

First, create an attribute for your process value. Next, right-click your attribute and select "Limits". In the limits section, select the following limits:

2. Analysis

Next, we need to create our Sigma calculation. Go to the Analysis Tab, and create a new analysis. Add the following calculations and map them to your previously created limits.

3. PI Vision

Open up PI Vision and drag your datasource with the Combo Chart+ symbol onto the display. Right click "Add Multistate..." and set your configuration as follows:

Also, enable markers to be shown for the individual trace.


Our Combo Chart+ for PI Vision effectively closes a critical gap by bringing essential SPC and SQC functionalities back into the hands of process engineers and quality control professionals. By integrating these capabilities into PI Vision, companies can enhance their ability to monitor, analyze, and optimize their operations, leading to better quality products and more efficient processes. Invest in "Vision Library+" today to empower your teams with the tools they need for successful statistical process and quality control.

For more information about Combo Chart+, click here.

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