Symbols in Development

The following symbols are currently under development and will be released with the next major update of Vision Library+.

Sound Alarm

Allows you to play a sound in PI Vision, once a certain values threshold is reached. Also provides a button to acknowledge the alarm and mute the sound.

Multi Gauge

Multi Gauge is a simple gauge of a single value or measurement simulating real gauges like thermometer or a loader. Mostly they look like bar (or column) or LED pointers. When there is an only gauge in the chart, there can be no other features and elements like legend or labels as they can be superfluous.

Planned Symbols

The following symbols are currently planned for a future release of Vision Library+, or were requested from our customers.

Richt Text Editor

Allows the creation of rich text within PI Vision. Things like line breaks, bold text, colored text, tables, etc are finally possible in PI Vision. Add placeholders to show Tags or Attributes in the text.

Asset Tree Map

A tree map chart is a data visualization technique used to display hierarchical data using nested rectangles. Each branch of the hierarchy is represented as a rectangle, and sub-branches are shown as smaller rectangles inside the larger ones. The size and color of each rectangle can be used to represent an additional dimension of the data, such as quantity or category.

Sankey Diagram

A Sankey diagram is a type of flow diagram that visualizes the flow of resources, energy, or information between different entities or processes. The primary characteristic of a Sankey diagram is the use of arrows or flows that vary in width to represent the magnitude of the flow, making it easy to see the relative sizes of different flows in a system.

In Development for existing Symbols

The following enhancements are currently in development for one or multiple of your existing symbols

Combo Chart+

- new trace time: Range


- Open Links in a draggable window directly in PI Vision

Time Series Table+

- Support Multiline text

All Tables

- Clickable Urls and support for UriBuilder

Request Symbol or Feature

Use the contact form below to request your Symbol or feature for an existing symbol.