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Vision Library+ v1.26.0

Vision Library+ v1.26.0

New Symbols

AF Table Plus

  • A new symbol was added to Symbol Collection Plus: AF Table
  • Let's you view and edit AF Tables directly in PI Vision
  • Supports Multistate, filtering and sorting
  • Write Mode enables updating the tables from within PI Vision

New Features

Histogram Plus

  • Added Value Label to Percentiles
  • Increased data limit to 150k Values

Time Series Table Plus

  • Added different table layout modes (fit data, fit to width, manual)
  • Added Initial Sorting for timestamps
  • Added Column Filters to filter data on the fly

Manual Input Table Plus

  • Added Column Filters to filter data on the fly




Bug Fixes

Combo Chart Plus:

  • Fixed number of displayed values in default plot mode
  • Performance improvements for visualizing event frames

Time Series Table Plus

  • Fixed a bug where enabling paging was causing the table to break
  • Fixed a bug where sorting columns wasn't reflecting in the UI properly
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