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Vision Library+ v1.34.0

Vision Library+ v1.34.0

New Features

Pie Chart Plus

  • A new Symbol "Pie Chart Plus" has been added to Vision Library+


Time Series Table Plus / AF Table Plus

  • Column Filter for Numeric Values now shows a "Min" and "Max" input field

Manual Data Entry Plus  / Manual Input Table Plus

  • New Options for Prefilled Value: "Last Value" (Automatically fills the current tag's value into the Input field)
  • Buttons in the action toolbar can now be shown/hidden in the configuration menu

Combo Chart Plus / Heatmap Plus

  • Font size of legend and axis texts can now be modified
  • Added more configuration options for styling (border, shadows)


  • Japanese Language Support for Configuration

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an Issue where the Summary Table was not properly shown for Combo Chart Plus in Analytic Mode
  • Fixed an Issue where "Last Value" for Prefilled Value did not update automatically in Manual DataEntry Plus
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