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Migrate from Processbook to PI Vision: How "Vision Library+" can help your company make the move

Migrate from Processbook to PI Vision: How "Vision Library+" can help your company make the move

As AVEVA Processbook approaches its end-of-support deadline at the end of 2024, companies relying on its robust capabilities for process monitoring and data visualization are compelled to make a critical transition. The natural successor, PI Vision, has been available for some time, but many organizations have hesitated to switch due to certain crucial features missing in PI Vision that were available in Processbook. Fortunately, the introduction of Vision Library+ promises to fill these gaps and facilitate a smoother transition.

The Urgency of the Transition

For decades, Processbook has been a reliable tool for industrial companies, enabling them to visualize and analyze real-time process data effectively. However, with the end of support looming, continuing to use Processbook presents significant risks. Lack of updates means potential security vulnerabilities and incompatibility with new systems or data sources. Therefore, migrating to PI Vision, which offers a modern and more integrated platform, becomes not just a choice but a necessity.

Screenshot of OSIsoft Processbook software

Understanding PI Vision

PI Vision is designed to provide a comprehensive visualization platform that leverages the power of the PI System. It offers enhanced scalability, web-based accessibility, and integration with other enterprise systems. Despite these advantages, early adopters of PI Vision have noted the absence of several key functionalities that Processbook users depend on daily.

Introducing Vision Library+

Vision Library+ emerges as a critical extension for PI Vision, addressing the shortcomings and adding much-needed features that Processbook users have come to rely on. Here are the primary enhancements that Vision Library+ brings to PI Vision:

One of the pivotal features of Processbook is the ability to write data back to the PI System, enabling operators to enter manual readings or override values when necessary. Vision Library+ reintroduces this capability in PI Vision, allowing users to seamlessly write data back to the PI System without leaving the visualization environment. This feature ensures continuity in operations and data accuracy, a vital need for industries where real-time data adjustments are crucial. 

PI Vision Manual Data Entry Symbol
  • SPC and SQC Controls:

Processbook's comprehensive support for Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Statistical Quality Control (SQC) is another critical tool for maintaining process quality and efficiency. Vision Library+ includes SPC and SQC controls like Combo Chart and Histogram, providing robust statistical analysis capabilities directly within PI Vision. This integration allows companies to continue monitoring and controlling process variations effectively, ensuring consistent product quality and process optimization.  

PI Vision Custom SQC SPC Chart Symbol


  • Ad Hoc Trending:

The ability to generate ad hoc trend charts on the fly is a powerful feature in Processbook, enabling users to quickly visualize data trends and perform instant analysis. Vision Library+ enhances PI Vision with an improved value symbol that supports ad hoc charting with a single click. This functionality significantly improves user experience, making it easier to explore data patterns and make informed decisions rapidly. 

PI Vision Custom Symbol Adhoc Chart

Making the Move

For companies contemplating the transition from Processbook to PI Vision, Vision Library+ offers a lifeline, ensuring that critical functionalities are not lost in the move. The extension not only reinstates key features but also enhances the overall capabilities of PI Vision, making it a more powerful tool for process data visualization and analysis.


While the end of support for AVEVA Processbook signifies the end of an era, it also opens the door to modernized, more integrated solutions like PI Vision. With Vision Library+ bridging the gap, companies can transition confidently, knowing they won't lose the essential features that keep their operations running smoothly. As the industrial landscape continues to evolve, embracing these new technologies and extensions will position companies for greater efficiency, innovation, and success in the years to come.

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