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How to Update Vision Library+

How to Update Vision Library+

1. Delete old files

First, delete all files and folders except config.js and license.js. The folder should look like this:


2. Extract new files

Then, simply past the .zip file into the ext folder, and extract it like this:

3. Restart PI Vision

Next, restart the PI Vision Web app, either by typing iisreset into the command window, or manually restarting the PI Vision Web App within IIS:

4. (optional) Clear Browser Cache

As most modern browser cache the symbol files, it can take up to 1 day for the new symbols to appear in PI Vision. You can speed up the process by reloading PI Vision with the setting "Disable Cache" enabled.
To do that, open up the browsers developer console (using F12) and tick the box "Disable Cache" in the Network tab.

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