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Vision Library+ v1.45

Vision Library+ v1.45

New Symbols

Linear Gauge+

  • Create a horizontal or vertical gauge
  • Full multistate support
  • Multiple values and different visualizations

Read more about the Linear Gauge+ symbol in our official product page here.

New Features

Combo Chart+

  • New time scale type "Category" allows to manually configure the ticks and labels for each datapoint

AVEVA PI Vision Custom Symbol Combo Chart Bar Stacked

  • Improved stacking bar feature
  • Added total count feature to stacked bar charts

Screenshot of AVEVA PI Vision with a stacked bar chart control

  • Y Axis: Add title and UOM to labels

Events Table+

  • Now supports an unlimited amount of events (before that, limit was 100)
  • Text is not automatically wrapped
  • Edit Reason Code
  • Comments will now be downloaded as well


  • Data Export now supports both raw and calculated data

Bug Fixes

Combo Chart+

  • Fixed an issue where bars where not stacked properly
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